Mr Chambers Y10

Essential information and resources:

1) 0580 notes and resources. Please bookmark this page.

2) Mr Barton’s Revision notes. A great set of revision notes on pdf.

3) Homework:

For the Y10 0580 course, assessed homework will be set on Tuesday and collected on Monday each week. You are also expected to be working independently throughout the course.

For the Y9 Additional Maths course, assessed homework will be set on Tuesday and collected on Friday each week. You are also expected to be working independently throughout the course.

Year 10 Plan for Y10 0580 course:

Week 1 (21st Aug) – Review Y9 work
Week 2 (28 Aug) – Basic number skills (fractions, ordering decimals, rounding, standard form)
Week 3 (4th Sep) – converting recurring decimals x1, ratio including currency x 2
Week 4 (11th Sep) – Percentages – increase, decrease, percentage change, reverse percentage, convert between fractions, decimals and percentages
Week 5 (18th Sep) – simple and compound interest, link with graphs and real life
Week 6(25th Sep) – upper and lower bounds x2. Time calculations x1 (include basic speed/distance/time – revisit later)
Week 7(2nd Oct) – substitution, expanding brackets, solving simple equations
Week 8(9th Oct) – factorise (single) x2. Revise x1
Week 9 (16th Oct) Revision and Test.

Half Term

Week 10 (30th Oct) simultaneous equations x2, create equations x 1
Week 11 (6th Nov) basic geometrical definitions, parallel lines, angles in polygons
Week 12 (13th Nov) similar shapes, length area and volume.
Week 13 (20th Nov) circle theorems
Week 14 (27th Nov) [Student Development Week]
Week 15 (6th December) Revise
Week 16 (13th Dec) Revision and Test.


Week 17 (Jan 8th) statistics – representation of data, bar charts, histograms, pi charts, scatter graphs
Week 18 (Jan 15th) scatter graphs x1, mean median mode of discrete and continuous
Week 19 (Jan 22nd) mean median mode x1, cumulative frequency.
Week 20 (Jan 29th) Indices (rules of algebra) and standard form.
Week 21 (Feb 5th) Revision and Test.

Spring Half Term

Week 22 (Feb 19th) fractional indices and advanced indices x1. Sequences x2
Week 23 Feb 26th) Sequences x1. Algebra 2 – factorise and expand quadratics x2
Week 24 (March 5th ) factorise and expand quadratics. Solve quadratics by factorising
Week 25 (March 12th ) Solve quadratics by quadratic formula, completing square
Week 26 (March 19th ) Functions – notation, inverse and compound
Week 26 (March 26th ) Functions and revise
Week 27 (April 2nd) Revision and Test.


Week 28 (April 23rd) Linear programming – inequalities and plotting graphs (basic) – more later.
Week 29 (April 30th) Pythagoras – including 3D case, SOHCAHTOA
Week 30 (May 7th) Sine and cosine rule. (including bearings)
Week 31 (May 14th) Sine and cosine rulex1, revise.
Week 32 (May 21nd) EOY Tests
Week 33 (May 28th) EOY Tests
Week 34 (June 4th) Area of triangle x1, area of basic and compound shapes
Week 35 (June 11th)
Week 36 (June 18th) Last week of school – review.

Year 11 Plan

Week 1: Review Y10 and Test
Week 2: Sets and Venn notation, include definitions of real numbers etc. Use for HCF, LCM
Week 3: Sets and Venn, set builder notation, link probability,
Week 4: Area of compound Shapes (review). Arcs and sectors,
Week 5: Volume and surface area – simple and compound,
Week 6: Volume and surface area – sphere, pyramid, cone
Week 7: Plotting graphs – parallel, perpendicular, midpoints
Week 8: Plotting quadratics and graphical solutions
Week 9: TEST (1) and review (1)

Half Term

Week 1: Direct and indirect variation (2), probability basic ideas and tree (1)
Week 2: Student Development Week
Week 3: Probability tree diagrams (2), Transformations (1)
Week 4: (only 2 lessons) Transformations (2)
Week 5: Transformations (1). Revision (2)
Week 6: Mocks
Week 7: Start 7 December. Mocks

Term 2A

Week 1: Speed-time graphs and distance-time graphs (more on distance time)
Week 2: Matrices – basic idea, matrix inverses
Week 3: Matrices – matrix algebra, links with transformations
Week 4: Vectors – vector algebra
Week 5: Vectors x1, loci and constructions – using a compass for perpendiculars etc. x2
Week 6: loci and constructions – sketching loci.

Term 2B – Revision