Functions SL


1) Introduction to function notation:

2) Composite functions:

3) Functions mix:

4) Inverse functions:

5) Vertical line test:

6) Asymptotes:

7) Finding vertical asymptotes:

8) Domain and range of a graph:

9) More domain and range:

10) Finding domains of functions without graphs:

11) Inverse functions:

12) Horizontal line test for inverses:

13) Using the quadratic formula:

14) Completing the square:

15) Using the discriminate to find the number of solutions to a quadratic:

16) More complicated examples of using the discriminate to find solutions to quadratics:

17) Using the discriminate to determine the intersection of lines and curves:

18) Quadratic word problems example:

19) Sketching quadratic graphs:

20) Completing the square to sketch quadratics:

21) An introduction to transforming graphs (translations):

22) An introduction to transforming graphs (stretches):

23) Transforming non trig functions past paper questions:

Past Papers and Revision

24) A mixture of IB SL past paper questions:

25) An overview of all the functions content for IB SL (40 mins):