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BISP Mathematics produces best ever results

BISP Mathematics produces best ever results

BISP’s top set Mathematics students took their IGCSE Cambridge Mathematics examinations one year early and the class achieved some outstanding results.

Twelve students took the exams and received 8 A*s and 4 As. The overall class average was an incredible 93% and the top two students, Oak and Scooter, scored 99.5% and 98.5% respectively.

Mr Griffin, Head of Mathematics at British International School, Phuket commented, “This is the first time our accelerated class has taken the examination in May, a whole year early, and produced our best ever results. Well done to the class, their hard work paid off!

The class is now continuing to study even more demanding mathematics by following the Cambridge Additional Mathematics syllabus. This will allow them to study mathematics at IB level to help prepare them for Year 12.

Outstanding SEAMC Results

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 6.56.25 AM.png

The Mathematics Department at British International School, Phuket is celebrating its best ever results at this year’s South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC), in which our students were awarded 5 medals and two students have been invited to compete in the Asian finals in Australia later this year. The SEAMC competition in Singapore brought together 180 of the top Year 9 and Year 10 mathematicians from across South East Asia.

Students at SEAMC represented 20 countries, displaying strong competition from schools in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines and Taiwan. Year 10’s Hyunwoong received both Silver and Gold medals after excelling over the 3-day competition – in particular reaching the Semi-finals of the Duel round, after seeing off 176 other competitors. He was also ranked in the top 15 for the Mathematician Round – a really impressive achievement given that it includes the most difficult mathematical content.

Cat from Year 9 won two Silver Medals and also managed to reach the Semi finals of the Duel round. Bank was the third member of the team to pick up a medal, being awarded a Silver medal for outstanding collaboration with students from other schools. The collaboration rounds required students to solve real world engineering challenges such as designing a boat capable of carrying the largest cargo and making posters to solve other mathematical problems.

Mr Griffin, Head of Mathematics commented, “The BISP team comprising Cat, Tania, Att, Hyunwoong, Bank and Por Pan were all a real credit to the school – congratulations to all of them for this success.”

BISP shines in the Intermediate UKMT Challenge

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In the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Challenge, BISP students received a record 28 certificates in the Intermediate Challenge. This challenge is designed for top mathematics students and is taken by schools globally.
Any certificates are an impressive achievement, especially for Year 9 students, who have to compete directly with Year 10 and 11. Particularly notable achievements include Tania, Att and Potter who achieved Gold, Silver and Silver respectively in Year 9, Moon and Leipa, who both got Gold in Year 10 and Bhuvan and Jackie who were awarded Gold in Year 11.
Later this month, Tania, Moon, Bhuvan and Jackie will go on to do an even more difficult UKMT mathematics paper and our top Key Stage 3 mathematicians will represent the school at the FOBISIA Mathematics Competition in Malaysia. Good luck to all of them

Excellent Senior UKMT Results

bisp Maths ukmt results 2018.jpg

Excellent Senior UKMT Results

The Mathematics department are celebrating some of their best ever UK Maths Challenge (UKMT) results, with 18 students from the school being awarded certificates. The UKMT Senior Challenge is designed to challenge even the very best Y12 and Y13 mathematicians from schools around the world, so the school’s results this year were really impressive. In order to gain a certificate students must excel whilst tackling 25 mathematical problems. These are designed to test a student’s problem solving skills and how they can apply their mathematical ability to real life situations.

In total we had 5 Bronze awards, 9 Silver awards and 4 Golds. This year the Gold certificates went to Aom, Elias, Luciano and Nayoung. Aom also gained the Top in School certificate, whilst Nayoung was awarded the Top in Year 12. Congratulations to all the students who took part this year and we look forward to some equally impressive results when the Junior and Intermediate UKMT competitions are held later in the year.

TT Rockstars Competition Underway

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TT Rockstars Competition Underway

The annual TT Rockstars competition is now underway – to enter the leaderboard you need to play at least 10 times on the Studio.  Current leader is William Fergusson from Y8.  Baseline speed means the average number of seconds per correct answer.  Last year we had students with a baseline speed under 1 second – see if you can beat that this year!

Nrich Success for Year 9s

Nrich Success for Year 9s
Nrich is an online mathematics website run by University of Cambridge, posing challenging mathematical puzzles and activities for students to try.
BISP Mathematics teacher Mr Chambers’ Year 9 mathematics students have recently worked some of the puzzles, including ‘Legs Eleven‘ and ‘Subtraction Surprise‘ and the solutions submitted by Por Pan, Tiffany and Oak were selected by the Nrich team as some of the best answers given from schools globally.
“It’s a great opportunity for our students to be able to compete on an international level and a number of them have showed excellent problem solving abilities,” said Mr Chambers.
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Congratulations to the 2017/18 Early Entry Students!

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With early entry exams sat in November, rather than the traditional following May/June period, we are delighted with the results of the International Mathematics and Biology students.

Maths Teacher Mr Chambers commented that, “the International Maths IGCSE is a very demanding course – to do so well in an early entry is very impressive. In the class there were 92% A to A* (100% A* to B), including 8 As and 4 A*s. Congratulations to all students for their hard work – an excellent start to your IGCSE exams”.

Biology Teacher Ms Young and Mr Richardson, Head of Science, added, “of the 22 students who sat their early entry Biology exam, 18 gained A to A* (82%) and 100% A* to B. There were 9 A*s and 9 As. Of the three sciences, Biology has by far the most content to learn and to do this six months early and gain such excellent results is really pleasing. Well done to all concerned. These results should fill you with confidence looking ahead to the final exams in June”.

Congratulations to IGCSE Early Entry Students

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Congratulations to our students who entered the IGCSE Mathematics and Biology examinations early in November last year and have had some exceptional results:

Biology: 54% of students received an A*, & 42% of students received an A.

International Mathematics: 44% of students received an A*, & 56% of students received an A.

The outstanding results are the culmination of nearly 3 years hard work. The students began working towards the goal of early entry in year 9 and really accelerated in year 10. Students will continue in Science to take IGCSE Physics and Chemistry and in Mathematics will continue to Additional Mathematics , hopefully those results will be equally impressive and the students will have an excellent starting point for the IB Diploma course next year.

PIMC: Phuket Island Maths Challenge

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PIMC: Phuket Island Maths Challenge

On Friday 3rd March, 12 of our top KS3 mathematicians participated in the 3rd annual Phuket Island Mathematics Contest, this year hosted by UWC. Students were challenged throughout the course of the day with a wide variety of activities, from a fast-paced and physical Energiser round to an outdoor Maths Trail, as well as Mathematical Catchphrase. Students were joined by students from UWC, Headstart and Kajonkiet and worked excellently in their mixed teams. Particular congratulations go to Round Winners, Caterina, Baimon and Prae, all from Year 7 and Bai from Year 9. All four girls achieved individual medals for their excellence, in addition to their certificates of participation.

Stocks and Shares Challenge Launched!

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Maths is an essential part of a lot of financial jobs – you need to deal with graphs, algebra calculus and of course number skills.  People who are good at maths are always in demand in jobs like banking and stock market trading.  So we are pleased to announce our annual stocks and shares competition.  This is the leaderboard from the first few days.  You will be given $100,000 – can you rise to the top?

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