Mr Chambers SL

Y12 Content:

This is a rough outline as to the plan across Y12 and Y13.  Dates might not be exact but should serve as a general overview of the plan for the course.

Term 1A Weekly Content

Week 1: Start 24 August. IB Expectations.  IGCSE Review. Sequences introduction: Arithmetic sequences.

Oxford [OLD].Ch6. 6.1-6.2. (Ch18 Review).

Oxford [NEW]. Ch1.  1.1-1.2.  p2-21

Week 2: Start 31 August.  Arithmetic series.  Summation notation.  Subscript notation.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch6. 6.4 -6.5.

Oxford [NEW]. Ch1.  1.2-1.3.  p13-35.

Week 3: Start 7 September.  Geometric series. Sums to infinity.  Links with financial maths [simple and compound interest]

Oxford [OLD]. Ch6. 6.6-6.8

Oxford [NEW]. Ch1.  1.4.  p36-43.

Week 4: Start 14 September.  Sequences and series review.  Introduction to functions.

Oxford [OLD].  Ch6. 6.8.  Review exercises end of Ch6.   Ch1. 1.1-1.2

Oxford [NEW]. Ch1.  Chapter review.  Ch2. 2.1.  p62-68

Week 5: Start 21 September.  Functions – composite, inverse, graphical understanding.

Oxford [OLD].  Ch1. 1.3-1.4. 1.5-1.6

Oxford [NEW]. Ch2.  2.2-2.6.  p69-100

Week 6: Start 28 September.  Exponential functions, laws of indices.  Graphs.

Oxford [OLD].  Ch4. 4.1-4.3

Oxford [NEW]. Ch9.  9.1.  p396-406

Week 7: Start 5 October. Review. [Test date to be confirmed]

Term 1B Weekly Content:

Week 1: Start 19 October.  Laws of logs.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch4. 4.4-4.6

Oxford [NEW]. Ch9.  9.2.  p407-421

Week 2: Start 26 October.  Solving equations with logs, graphical understanding.

Oxford [OLD].  Ch4. 4.7-4.8

Oxford [NEW]. Ch9.  9.2. p407-421

Week 3: Start 2 November. Quadratic functions and equations.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch2. 2.1-2.2 Ch2. 2.3-2.4.

Oxford [NEW]. Ch3.  3.4-3.5.  p142-163

Week 4: Start 9 November. Quadratics and rational functions

Oxford [OLD].  Ch 2.  2.5.  Ch5. 5.1-5.2

Oxford [NEW]. Ch3.  3.6-3.7.  p164-178

Week 5: Start 16 November. Introduction to transformations.  Calculator skills for sketching graphs

Oxford [OLD].  Ch 1.  1.6.

Oxford [NEW]. Ch3.  3.3.  p131-141.

Week 6: Start 23 November. Binomial expansion.

Oxford [OLD].  Ch 6.  6.9

Oxford [NEW]. Ch1.  1.5.  p44-53.

Week 7: Start 30 November. Review.

Week 8: Start 7 December. Review [Test date to be confirmed]

Term 2A.

Week 1:  Start 4th Jan. Binomial expansion.

Oxford [OLD].  Ch 1.  1.5.

Oxford [NEW]. Ch1.  1.5.  p44-53.

Week 2:  Start 11th Jan.  Introduction to trigonometry: triangles [degrees]

Oxford [OLD]. Ch11.  11.1-11.6

Oxford [NEW]. Ch11.  11.1-11.6.  p468-498

Week 3: Start 18th Jan.  Trigonometry: triangles [radians].  Sectors and segments

Oxford [OLD]. Ch11.  11.1-11.7

Oxford [NEW]. Ch11.  11.1-11.6. p506-512.

Week 4: Start 25th Jan.  Trigonometry Section B triangle questions.

Week 5: Start 1st Feb.  Trig graphs.  Review.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch13.  13.4.

Oxford [NEW]. Ch12.  12.4. p523-535.

Week 6: Start 8th Feb. Review [Test date to be confirmed]

Term 2B.

Week 1:  Start 22nd Feb. Trig graphs.  Transformations of graphs.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch13.  13.4-5.  Ch1. 1.6

Oxford [NEW]. Ch12.  12.4. p523-535.

Week 2:  Start 1st March. Trig graphs.  Transformations and modelling [mini-IA task]

Week 3: Start 8th March.  Solving trig equations.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch13.  13.2.

Oxford [NEW]. Ch12.  12.2. p513-522.

Week 4: Start 15th March.  Solving trig equations using trig identities.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch13.  13.3.

Oxford [NEW]. Ch12.  12.3. p513-522.

Week 5: Start 22nd March. All trig review [both calc and non-calc].

Week 6: Start 29th March. Review [Test date to be confirmed]

Term 3

Week 1: Start 19th April.  Differentiation.  Introduction and polynomial.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch7.  7.2

Oxford [NEW]. Ch5.  5.2-5.3.  p214-233.

Week 2: Start 26th April.  Quotient rule and product rule.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch7.  7.3.

Oxford [NEW]. Ch5.  5.3.  p234-240.

Week 3: Start 3rd May.  Product rule and higher derivatives.

Oxford [OLD]. Ch7.  7.3

Oxford [NEW]. Ch5.  5.3.  p234-260.

Remaining weeks:

EOY revision

EOY exams

IA coursework

Year 13 rough Plan [2019-2020]:

Week 1 (19thAug) – Review Y12 x1 Optimization x 2

Week 2 (26th Aug) –graphs of gradient functions x 1, differentiation first principles x1, trig differentiation x1

Week 3 (2nd Sep) – integration basics x3

Week 4 (9th  Sep) – integration area between curves x3

Week 5 (16th Sep) – integration techniques x3

Week 6(23rd Sep) –  integration volume of revolution x 3


Week 7(30thSep) –  integration and differentiation involving kinematics

Week 8(7th Oct) –  Revision and Test.

Half Term

Week 10 (22ndOct) probability x3 Venn and tree diagram

Week 11 (28th Nov) probability x3 Mutually exclusive, given that, independent

Week 12 (4th Nov) probability x3 discrete random variables

Week 13 (11th Nov) stats x3 averages, cumulative frequency

Week 14 (18th Nov) stats x3 averages and standard deviation

Week 15 (25thNov)  IAs [Student Development Week]

IA deadline 

Week 16 (2nd Dec) stats x3 linear correlation

Week 17 (9thDec) Revision and Test.


Week 18 (Jan 6th) stats x3 linear correlation and binomial distribution

Week 19 (Jan 13th)  stats x3 binomial distribution

Week 20 (Jan 20th)  stats x2 normal distribution, revision x1

Week 21 (Jan 27th) MOCKS

Week 22 (Feb 3rd) MOCKS

Week 23 (Feb 10th) Review mocks and normal distribution x1

Spring Half Term