Year 8 Term 3

Unit 13, Circles and Cylinders (5 hours):

CIMT Textbook Chapter 16
Interactive Tutorials 16.1-16.4

year8 13

  1. Area and circumference of a circle:

2.  Harder examples: [only watch the first 11.30 mins]

3. Compound shapes:

4. Volume:


Volume of prisms: (watch first 9 minutes only!)

Unit 14, Distance, Speed, Time (5 hours):

CIMT Textbook Chapter 18
Interactive Tutorials 18.1-18.3

year8 14

Speed distance time calculations

Drawing distance time graphs:

Unit 15: Similar Shapes

Extra Unit: Probability

CIMT Textbook Chapter 6
Interactive tutorials

year9 7

Simple probability:

Sample space diagram:



Tree diagrams:

Tree diagrams without replacement:

Experimental Probability:

Theoretical and Experimental Probability:

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