Year 8 Term 2B

Unit 11, Formula (4 hours):

CIMT Textbook Chapter 12
Interactive Tutorials 12.1-12.4

year8 11

Substitute into equations:

Substitute into equations 2:

Solving equations:

Expanding brackets:

Double brackets:

Solving equations with x on both sides:

Solving equations with brackets on both sides:

Rearranging equations:

Forming equations from word problems

Unit 12, Straight Line Graphs (5 hours):

CIMT Textbook Chapter 14
Interactive Tutorials 14.1-12.3

year8 12

Plot coordinates:

Gradient of a line:

Gradient from 2 points:

Drawing straight line graphs:

y = mx + c song:

Calculating equations of lines:

Parallel lines through a point:

Equation of a straight line through 2 points:

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