Mr Chambers HL

Essential Resources and Information

This is a rough outline as to the plan across Y13.  Dates might not be exact but should serve as a general overview of the plan for the course. You can find your HL resource folder here: Year 12/13 HL Shared Folder

Term 1A Weekly Content

Week 1: Start 24 August. Normal distribution

Oxford [OLD].  10.5. (p532-543)

Oxford [NEW].  11.5 (p718-727)

Week 2: Start 31 August.  Introduction to integration

Oxford [OLD].  7.1-7.3. (p342-381) 7A-7E

Oxford [NEW]. 7.1 (442-460)

Week 3: Start 7 September.  Geometric interpretation, Areas between curves x2, Kinematics x2.

Oxford [OLD]. 7.1-7.3. (p342-381). 7F, 7G, 7K.  4.5 (p208-210).

Oxford [NEW]. 10.5 (p522-532). 

Week 4: Start 14 September.  Vol Rev x2. Integrating Trig. x2.

Oxford [OLD].  7.3 (p371-381) 7L, 7M.   (p455-p459) 9H-9J

Oxford [NEW]. 8.1 p524-8  13.3 (p559-566)

Week 5: Start 21 September.  Substitution x2. Integration by parts x2.  Partial fractions.

Oxford [OLD].  (p459-p469) 9L, 9M , 9N-9P.

Oxford [NEW]. 13.3 (p490-510).  2.2 (p91-93), 13.2 (p538)

Week 6: Start 28 September.  Continuous probability density x2. Trig sub and recursive integration

Oxford [OLD].  (p469-p479) 9Q-9U. (p521-531) 10I-10K

Oxford [NEW]. 7.4  (p507).  11.3 (p706-711)

Week 7: Start 5 October. Review. [Test date to be confirmed]

Term 1B Weekly Content:

Week 1: Start 19 October.  Vectors x 4.

Oxford [OLD].   Lesson 1:  Review p555-578.  Lesson 2.  Lines in 3D. Ex 11H.  Lesson 3.  Dot Product. Ex 11I. Ex 11J.  Lesson 4.  Dot Product. Ex 11K.

Oxford [NEW]. 9.1- 9.3.  p573-605

Week 2: Start 26 October.  Vectors x 4.

Oxford [OLD].   Lesson 1: Cross Product. Ex 11L.  Lesson 2: Vector equations of lines. Ex 11M.  Lesson 3: Angles between lines and planes. Ex 11N. Lesson 4: Angles between planes. 11O

Oxford [NEW]. 9.4- 9.6.  (p605-627)

Week 3: Start 2 November. Vectors x4

Oxford [OLD].   Lesson 1: Intersection between line and planes Ex 11P. Lesson 2: Intersection between 2 planes Ex 11Q.  Lesson 3: Gaussian elimination for 3 planes. Ex 11R.  Lesson 4: Review Vectors.

Oxford [NEW]. 9.7.  (p628-642)

Week 4: Start 9 November. Vectors and differential equations

Oxford [NEW]. 9.2.  (p586-597).  8.3 (p533-550)

Week 5: Start 16 November. Differential equations

Oxford [OLD].  N/A

Oxford [NEW].8.3 (p533-550)

Week 6: Start 23 November. Maclaurin series

Oxford [OLD].  N/A

Oxford [NEW]. 8.4 p554-565

Week 7: Start 30 November. Review.

Week 8: Start 7 December. Review [Test date to be confirmed]

 Term 2A.

 Week 1:  Start 4th Jan. Complex numbers introduction

 Oxford [OLD].  Ch 1.  1.5.

Week 2:  Start 11th Jan.  Complex numbers

 Oxford [OLD]. Ch11.  11.1-11.6

Week 3: Start 18th Jan.  Complex numbers

 Oxford [OLD]. Ch11.  11.1-11.6

Week 4: Start 25th Jan.  

Week 5: Start 1st Feb.  

Week 6: Start 8th Feb. Review [Test date to be confirmed]