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Term 1A Weekly Content:
Plan Y12 HL

Week 1 (21st Aug) – Seq series
Week 2 (28 Aug) – Seq series
Week 3 (4th Sep) – Functions
Week 4 (11th Sep) – Functions [Miss 1 lesson for Wai Kru]
Week 5 (18th Sep) – Functions
Week 6(25th Sep) – Functions
Week 7(2nd Oct) – Exponentials and Logs
Week 8(9th Oct) – Exponentials and Logs
Week 9 (16th Oct) Revision and Test.

Half Term

Week 10 (30th Oct) Quadratic and Cubic Functions [miss 1 lesson for Loy Kratong]
Week 11 (6th Nov) Binomial Functions [miss 1 lesson for UKMT]
Week 12 (13th Nov) Binomial Functions and induction
Week 13 (20th Nov) Trigonometry
Week 14 (27th Nov) Trigonometry [Student Development Week]
Week 15 (6th December) Trigonometry
Week 16 (13th Dec) Revision and Test.


Week 17 (Jan 8th) Trigonometry
Week 18 (Jan 15th) Trigonometry
Week 19 (Jan 22nd) Differentiation
Week 20 (Jan 29th) Differentiation
Week 21 (Feb 5th) Revision and Test.

Spring Half Term

Week 22 (Feb 19th) Differentiation
Week 23 Feb 26th) Differentiation
Week 24 (March 5th ) Differentiation
Week 25 (March 12th ) Stats and Probability
Week 26 (March 19th ) Stats and Probability
Week 26 (March 26th ) Stats and Probability
Week 27 (April 2nd) Revision and Test.


Week 28 (April 23rd) Stats and Probability
Week 29 (April 30th) Stats and Probability
Week 30 (May 7th) Stats and Probability
Week 31 (May 14th) Vectors
Week 32 (May 21nd) EOY Tests
Week 33 (May 28th) EOY Tests
Week 34 (June 4th) Vectors
Week 35 (June 11th) IA introduction [Y12 Residential Trip]
Week 36 (June 18th) Last week of school – review.

Year 13

Week 1:
Vectors x 4.
Lesson 1:  Review p555-578.
Lesson 2.  Lines in 3D. Ex 11H.
Lesson 3.  Dot Product. Ex 11I. Ex 11J
Lesson 4.  Dot Product. Ex 11K.

Week 2:
Vectors x4
Lesson 1: Cross Product. Ex 11L
Lesson 2: Vector equations of lines. Ex 11M
Lesson 3: Angles between lines and planes. Ex 11N
Lesson 4: Angles between planes. 11O

Week 3:
Vectors x 4
Lesson 1: Intersection between line and planes Ex 11P
Lesson 2: Intersection between 2 planes Ex 11Q
Lesson 3: Gaussian elimination for 3 planes. Ex 11R.
Lesson 4: Review Vectors. NOTE Vector Algebra not covered.

Week 4:
Vectors x1 Introduction to integration x 2 7A-7E

Week 5:
Geometric interpretation, Areas between curves x2, 7F, 7G Kinematics x2. 7K 4Q.

Week 6:
Vol Rev x2 7L, 7M. Integrating Trig. 9H-9J x2.

Week 7:
Substitution x2. 9L, 9M. Integration by parts x2. 9N-9P.

Week 8:
Continuous probability density x2.

*Note* Trig sub and recursive integration still to cover.

Half Term

Calculus Topic 7 weeks


Calculus 5 weeks

Half Term

Complex Numbers 3 weeks
Revise 4 weeks

Y13 Term 1A Syllabus Content:

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Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.08.54 PM


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