Year 8 Term 2A

Unit 8, Ratio and Proportion (4 hours)

CIMT Textbook Chapter 7
Interactive Tutorials 7.1-7.3

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 10.03.15 AM

Introduction to ratio:

Dividing into ratio:

Ratio word problems

Extension – Harder ratio problems

Unit 9, Probability (4 hours):

CIMT Textbook Chapter 10
Interactive Tutorials 10.1-10.4

year8 9 1year8 9 2year8 9 3Simple probability:

Sample space diagram:

Tree diagrams:

Experimental Probability:


Expected frequencies:

Unit 10, Angles, Bearings and Maps, Polygons (9 hours):

CIMT Textbook Chapter 11
Interactive Tutorials 11.1-11.3

 CIMT Textbook Chapter 15
Interactive Tutorials 15.1-15.3

year8 10

Angles introduction:

Parallel Lines:

Interior angles:

Exterior angles:

Using exterior angles to calculate sides:

Compass directions:


Exam style question on polygons:


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