Year 8 Term 1A

Unit 1: Factors (5 hours)
CIMT Textbook Chapter 2
Interactive Tutorials 2.1-2.4


BODMAS Method (also called PEMDAS but it’s the same!)

HCF and LCM:

Venn Diagram Method for HCF and LCM:

Index notation:

Prime Factors:

Unit 2: Nets and Surface Areas (6 hours)

CIMT Textbook Chapter 6
Interactive Tutorials 6.1

year8 2

Nets and Surface Area:

Isometric Drawings:

Surface Area of cuboid:

Surface area of prism:

Plans and elevations:

Unit 3: Rounding and Estimating (6 hours)

CIMT Textbook Chapter 4
Interactive Tutorial 4.1-4.6

year8 3Rounding decimals:

Significant Figures:

Estimating answers by rounding:

Unit 4, Data Analysis (4 hours):

CIMT Textbook Chapter 5
Interactive Tutorial 5.1-5.2

year8 4i

Mean, Median, Mode, Range:

Mean from frequency table (method 1):

Mean from frequency table (method 2):

Draw a pie chart:

Relative and expected frequencies: