Year 7 Unit 5

UNIT 5 Fractions

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CIMT Textbook chapters:

Arithmetic (decimals): Ch4. Arithmetic (decimals): Ch6. Arithmetic (decimals): Ch8. Arithmetic (fractions): Ch10. Fractions, decimals percentages: Ch17.

Video tutorials

Shade in diagrams to show a given fraction, or interpret a shaded diagram to make a fraction.

Identify equivalent fractions and produce fractions that are equivalent to another fraction. Write fractions in the simplest form.

Find a fraction of a given quantity and solve simple problems involving fractions of given amounts.

Use the four rules with whole numbers and decimals.

Place decimals in order of size.

Convert between mixed numbers and improper (top-heavy) fractions.

Add and subtract ordinary fractions using manual methods.

Find a given percentage of an amount.

Change between percentages and fractions or decimals and write what percentage of a diagram has been shaded.

Place fractions in order of size, by using a common denominator.

Multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers using manual methods.

Links to Interactive CIMT resources: