Year 9 Term 2B

Unit 8: Area

CIMT Textbook Chapter 9
Interactive tutorials

year9 8

Area of compound shapes 1:

Area of compound shapes 2:

Area of compound shapes 3:

Volume of 3D shapes (cone and sphere not needed):

Volume of compound 3D shapes:

Volume of a trapezoid (“3D Trapezium”)

Volume and surface area of box:

Volume of a prism:

Surface area of prism:

Surface area of a cylinder:

Unit 9: Sequences

CIMT Textbook Chapter 10
Interactive tutorials

year9 9

Finding nth terms:

nth term of quadratics:

Sequences summary:

Unit 10: Algebra

CIMT Textbook Chapter 11
Interactive tutorials

year9 10

Substitute into equations:

Simplify expressions:

Solving equations (x on one side):

Solving equations with x on both sides:

Solving equations with fractions:


Expanding single brackets and simplifying:

Expanding double brackets:

More examples for double bracket expansion:

Factorising double brackets:

Trick for factorising double brackets when x^2 is greater than 1:


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