Year 7 Revision

1) Time

Basic time calculations:

2) Algebra:

Function machines:

Substitute into equations:

Simplify expressions:

Solving equations (x on one side:

Solving equations with x on both sides:

3) Statistics:

Mean, median and mode song:

Mean, median, mode:

Mean from frequency table:

How to draw a pie chart:

Negative numbers

Adding and subtracting negatives:

Multiplying and dividing negatives:

4) Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Adding Fractions 1:

Adding Fractions 2:

Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Mixed numbers to improper fractions

Multiply fractions

Divide fractions

Fractions and Percentages 1

Finding Percentages of a Number (fraction method):

Finding Percentages of a Number (mental methods)

5) Sequences

Finding nth terms:

6) Areas

Area and perimeter of a rectangle:

Area and perimeter of triangles:

Area of compound shapes 1

Area of compound shapes 2

7) Angles

Angle Basics


Construct a triangle from 3 sides:

Measuring angles:

8) Number

Multiplying decimals:

Multiply by powers of 10:


Chinese multiplication:

Short division:

Order of operations (BODMAS):

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