Year 8 Revision

Angles introduction:

Interior angles:

Exterior angles:

Compass directions:



Substitute into equations:

Solving equations:

Expanding brackets:

Solving equations with x on both sides:


Plot coordinates:

Drawing straight line graphs:

y = mx + c song:

Calculating equations of lines:


Introduction to ratio:

Dividing into ratio:


Adding Fractions 1:

Adding Fractions 2:

Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Mixed numbers to improper fractions

Multiply fractions

Divide fractions

Fractions, decimals and percentages

Fractions and Percentages 1

Finding Percentages of a Number (fraction method):

Finding Percentages of a Number (mental methods)


Mean, Median, Mode, Range:

Mean from frequency table (method 1):

Mean from frequency table (method 2):

Draw a pie chart:


Simple probability:

Sample space diagram:

Tree diagrams:

Experimental Probability:

Nets, area and volume

Nets and Surface Area:

Isometric Drawings:

Surface Area of cuboid:

Area of triangles and rectangles:




Prime Factors:

Rounding decimals:

Significant Figures:

HCF and LCM:

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