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Year 11 Rough Plan

Week 1 (24thAug).  Unit 15: review of differentiation. Quotient rule, product rule.  IGCSE revision.

Week 2 (31st Aug).  Unit 15: Chain rule.   Differentiation of trig functions, ln(x), e^(x).  IGCSE revision.

Week 3 (7th  Sep). Unit 15:  Optimisation.   IGCSE revision.

Week 4 (14th Sep). Unit 12: Binomials.   IGCSE revision.

Week 5 (21rd Sep). Unit 12: Binomials and Sequences.  IGCSE revision.

Week 6 (28thSep).  Unit 12: Sequences.     IGCSE revision.

Week 7 (5th Oct). Review [test date to be confirmed]. Unit 4: Surds.

Half Term

Week 1 (19th  Oct).    EXAM P2 MONDAY, P4 THURSDAY.

Week 2 (26thOct). Unit 15: integration of f(ax+b), definite integration and finding c.

Week 3 (2nd Nov). Unit 15.  Further integration and kinematics.

Week 4 (9th Nov). Unit 2: Quadratics, complete square and classify solutions to f(x) = 0

Week 5 (16th Nov): Unit 2:  Quadratics – solve by substitution and solutions to tangents and curves.

Week 6 (23rdNov)

Week 7 (30thNov)

Week 8 (7thDec)  REVIEW


Week 1 (Jan 4th)  Unit 9: Circular measure, introduction to radians, arcs and sectors

Week 2 (Jan 11th)  Unit 10: Trigonometric graphs

Week 3 (Jan 18th)  Unit 10: Trigonometric relationships

Week 4 (Jan 25th) Unit 10: Trigonometric identities

Week 5 (Feb 1st) Unit 6: Simultaneous equations – one linear and one quadratic.

Week 6 (Feb 8th)  Review

Spring Half Term

 Week 1 (Feb 22nd) Unit 7: Logs and exponentials – laws of logs

Week 2 (March 1st  ) Unit 7: Logs and exponentials

Week 3 (March 8th ) Unit 1 and Unit 3: Functions and modulus function. Sketch cubic graph, solve inequalities

Week 4 (March 15th )  Unit 13: Vectors in 2D

Week 5 (March 22nd ) OPEN[Either prepare for IB or prepare for Additional Maths exam]

Week 6 (March 29th ) OPEN[Either prepare for IB or prepare for Additional Maths exam]

Songkran holidays