IGCSE 0580 Extended 2020

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This is an approximate timeline for the course content for Mr Chambers week by week:

Term 1A Weekly Content for Mr Chambers’ class

Week 1: Start 24 August. Review Y9 work. BIDMAS, LCM, HCF, prime factors.

Videos from Unit 1 Number:

3) Prime factors:
4) HCF and LCM from Venn diagrams

Textbook: BIDMAS Ex 1.1 and 1.2 (p2).  Factors.  Ex 1.5 (p6).  Primes. Ex 1.6 (p8).

Week 2 (31 Aug) – Fractions. Add, times, divide, subtract. Convert forms.

Videos from Unit 1 Number:

5) Fractions adding and subtracting:
6) Fractions multiplying:
7) Dividing fractions:
8) Multiplying mixed numbers:
9) Subtracting mixed numbers
10) Ordering fractions, decimals and percentages

Textbook: Ex 1.8-1.10 (p10-13).

ACH NUMBER PART 1 Week 3 (7th Sep) – Rounding to decimal places and significant figures. Standard form.

Videos from Unit 1 Number:

11) Rounding to decimal places
12) Rounding to Significant Figures:
13) Rounding to Significant Figures II:
14) Standard form

Textbook: Rounding. Ex 1.11-1.12 (p15-16).   Standard Form Ex 3.1 (p99)

ACH NUMBER PART 1 Week 4 (14th Sep) – Standard form. Lower and upper bounds. Rational and irrational numbers.

Videos from Unit 1 Number:

14) Standard form
15) Standard form II [first 7 minutes only]
16) Lower and Upper Bounds
17) Lower and Upper Bounds II

Textbook:   Standard Form Ex 3.2 (p100). Bounds Ex 10.1 (p435)

ACH NUMBER PART 4 Week 5 (21st Sep) – Geometry rules: angles around a point and on a straight line. Parallel lines.

Videos from Unit 2 Geometry:

1) Basic angle rules:
2) Angles around a point:
3) Angles on a straight line:
4) Parallel Lines

Textbook:   Angle rules Ex1.23 (p34)

Week 6(25th Sep) –  Polygons.

Videos from Unit 2 Geometry:

5) Interior angles of triangles and quadrilaterals:
6) Interior and exterior angles of polygons:
7) Interior and exterior angles of polygons II:

Textbook:   Polygons Ex 1.26 (p40)

Week 7(2nd Oct) Review. [Test date to be confirmed].