Year 9 Term 3

Unit 9: Graphs

CIMT Textbook Chapter 13
Interactive tutorials

CIMT Textbook Chapter 17

year9 11

Introduction to solving inequalities:

Representing inequalities on a graph:

Plotting quadratic graph:

*Solving quadratic inequalities* (Advanced)

*Finding perpendiculars to lines* (Advanced)

Unit 10: Algebra

CIMT Textbook Chapter 11
Interactive tutorials

year9 10

Substitute into equations:

Simplify expressions:

Solving equations (x on one side):

Solving equations with x on both sides:

Solving equations with fractions:


Expanding single brackets and simplifying:

Expanding double brackets:

More examples for double bracket expansion:

Factorising double brackets:

Trick for factorising double brackets when x^2 is greater than 1: