BISP shines in the Intermediate UKMT Challenge

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 6.51.37 AM

In the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Challenge, BISP students received a record 28 certificates in the Intermediate Challenge. This challenge is designed for top mathematics students and is taken by schools globally.
Any certificates are an impressive achievement, especially for Year 9 students, who have to compete directly with Year 10 and 11. Particularly notable achievements include Tania, Att and Potter who achieved Gold, Silver and Silver respectively in Year 9, Moon and Leipa, who both got Gold in Year 10 and Bhuvan and Jackie who were awarded Gold in Year 11.
Later this month, Tania, Moon, Bhuvan and Jackie will go on to do an even more difficult UKMT mathematics paper and our top Key Stage 3 mathematicians will represent the school at the FOBISIA Mathematics Competition in Malaysia. Good luck to all of them

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