Congratulations to IGCSE Early Entry Students

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Congratulations to our students who entered the IGCSE Mathematics and Biology examinations early in November last year and have had some exceptional results:

Biology: 54% of students received an A*, & 42% of students received an A.

International Mathematics: 44% of students received an A*, & 56% of students received an A.

The outstanding results are the culmination of nearly 3 years hard work. The students began working towards the goal of early entry in year 9 and really accelerated in year 10. Students will continue in Science to take IGCSE Physics and Chemistry and in Mathematics will continue to Additional Mathematics , hopefully those results will be equally impressive and the students will have an excellent starting point for the IB Diploma course next year.

PIMC: Phuket Island Maths Challenge

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PIMC: Phuket Island Maths Challenge

On Friday 3rd March, 12 of our top KS3 mathematicians participated in the 3rd annual Phuket Island Mathematics Contest, this year hosted by UWC. Students were challenged throughout the course of the day with a wide variety of activities, from a fast-paced and physical Energiser round to an outdoor Maths Trail, as well as Mathematical Catchphrase. Students were joined by students from UWC, Headstart and Kajonkiet and worked excellently in their mixed teams. Particular congratulations go to Round Winners, Caterina, Baimon and Prae, all from Year 7 and Bai from Year 9. All four girls achieved individual medals for their excellence, in addition to their certificates of participation.

Stocks and Shares Challenge Launched!

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Maths is an essential part of a lot of financial jobs – you need to deal with graphs, algebra calculus and of course number skills.  People who are good at maths are always in demand in jobs like banking and stock market trading.  So we are pleased to announce our annual stocks and shares competition.  This is the leaderboard from the first few days.  You will be given $100,000 – can you rise to the top?

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Pi Day Champions

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Pi Day Champions

The Maths department at British International School, Phuket (BISP) recently held their annual Pi Day celebrations. Pi Day is held every March 14 (which is 3.14 when written in the American, day, month format).

This year BISP held a Key Stage 3 Pi memory competition, where all students were challenged to memorise as many digits of pi as they could. Students then had to stand in front of the rest of the year group and recite what they could remember.

Students saw some sensational performances, which surpassed anything in previous years. In Year 7, they witnessed Tiffany Yipp reciting 549 places of pi, which places her second on the national Singaporean leaderboard.

There were other excellent efforts from Soly Hyun (112 places) and Min Ha. In Year 8, both Alex and Bella came joint first with 143 places of pi. Bella subsequently got 241 places which qualifies as second on the national Philippines leaderboard.

In Year 9 there was a very close contest with Eddy, Malvika and Turquoise just behind the overall winner Bell – who memorised 75 places. This puts her joint 6th on the Thailand national leaderboard.

As well as seeing some sensational memory feats, Year 7 also enjoyed a Pi Day party – bringing in a selection of pi related food, and doing a Pi Day quiz. The house competitions were won by Blue house in Y7, Red house in Y8 and Yellow/Green in Y9.

Well done to everyone who took part – and to all the students who smashed last year’s records.

TT Rockstars Results

Well done to the following students who made the TT Rockstars top 10 – prizes to follow!

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The top 3 places were Leo, Daniella and Eddy for the speed competition and Eddy, Min Ha and Kevin for the money competition.  Well done to everyone for taking part.

TT Rockstars Challenge

tt rock

The TT Rockstars Challenge is now live – you have until the end of September to make the school leaderboard!  We will give prizes in a number of categories: fastest in class, most money made in class, fastest in year, most money made in year and the overall prize for the best student in the whole of KS3.  Get playing and good luck!

Here is the current KS3 leaderboard:

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