PIMC: Phuket Island Maths Challenge

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 5.47.17 PM

PIMC: Phuket Island Maths Challenge

On Friday 3rd March, 12 of our top KS3 mathematicians participated in the 3rd annual Phuket Island Mathematics Contest, this year hosted by UWC. Students were challenged throughout the course of the day with a wide variety of activities, from a fast-paced and physical Energiser round to an outdoor Maths Trail, as well as Mathematical Catchphrase. Students were joined by students from UWC, Headstart and Kajonkiet and worked excellently in their mixed teams. Particular congratulations go to Round Winners, Caterina, Baimon and Prae, all from Year 7 and Bai from Year 9. All four girls achieved individual medals for their excellence, in addition to their certificates of participation.

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