Units 1-3

Unit 1.  Set Language and Notation (Also on IGCSE 0607):

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Venn Diagram Logic

Venn Diagram Shading

Set Builder Notation:

Indices and Venn diagram past paper questions:


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Functions. (Also on IGCSE 0607):

Introduction to function notation:

Composite functions:

Inverse functions:

Finding if a graph has an inverse:

Finding domains of functions:

Finding vertical asymptotes:

Using the discriminate to find the number of solutions to a quadratic:

Sketching quadratic graphs:

Solve absolute value equations:

Graphing absolute values of functions 1:

Functions past paper questions:

Quadratic Functions:

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Completing the square:

Using the discriminant to determine number of solutions:


With k:

Solving quadratic inequalities:

Exam style questions:

How to use the discriminant to determine intersections of a curve and and a line: