Units 10-12


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Calculating exact values for some specific values of sin, cos and tanx:

CAST diagram:

Using the CAST diagram to solve trig equations:

Using the CAST diagram with multiple angles:

Graphing trig functions with phase shifts etc:

How to derive some trig formulae (don’t need the last part on angle addition)

Solving trig identities using quadratic formula:

Factorising to solve trig equations:

Using trig identities to solve equations 1:

Using trig identities to solve equations 2:

Past Paper questions on solving trig equations:

Using Additional Maths trig identities for proof:

Past paper questions for Additional trig (using more complicated identities):


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An introduction to permutations

Using the permutation formula when objects are repeated

An introduction to combinations:

Combinations when we have restrictions:

Additional Maths questions on combinations and permutations:

Binomial Expansion:

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Binomial expansion:

Pascal’s triangle:

More examples:

Binomial expansion with 2 brackets: