Year 10 Part 1


Lower and Upper Bounds

Venn Diagram Logic

Venn Diagram Shading

Set Builder Notation

Significant Figures:

Indices laws 1:

Video 5b:

Indices laws 2:

Standard form

Compound Interest

Reverse Percentage

Revision of percentages methods – worked exam questions

Time Problems

Currency Conversions

Speed Distance Time


Revision of number topics:

Algebra 1

Substitution and BODMAS:

Collecting Like terms (simplify)

Expanding brackets and simplifying:

Solving linear equations with x on both sides:

Expanding double brackets:

Solving simultaneous equations:

Rearranging equations:


Linear inequalties on a number line:

Double inequalities:


Interior and Exterior Angles

Parallel Lines

Congruent and Similar Shapes

Similar Shapes – finding areas and volumes

Circle Theorems 1

Circle Theorems 2

Statistics 1

Mean, Median, Mode, Range:

Mean, median, mode from frequency table (ignore the last part on finding the interquartile range):

Mean from continuous data in a table:

Scatter Graphs Introduction:

Cumulative Frequency curves: