Year 10 Term 1A

Week 2 (28 Aug) – Basic number skills (fractions, ordering decimals, rounding, standard form)

Significant Figures:

Standard form

HCF and LCM from Venn diagrams

Ordering fractions, decimals and percentages


Week 3 (4th Sep) – converting recurring decimals x1, ratio including currency x 2

Converting recurring decimals to fractions:


Currency Conversions


Week 4 (11th Sep) – Percentages – increase, decrease, percentage change, reverse percentage, convert between fractions, decimals and percentages

Percentage Change

Reverse Percentage

Revision of percentages methods – worked exam questions


Week 5 (18th Sep) – simple and compound interest, link with graphs and real life

Compound Interest

Simple Interest

 Harder Percentage Questions (finding compound percentage rates etc):

Week 6(25th Sep) – upper and lower bounds x2. Time calculations x1 (include basic speed/distance/time – revisit later)

Lower and Upper Bounds

Time Problems

Speed Distance Time

Revision of number topics:


Week 7(2nd Oct) – substitution, expanding brackets, solving simple equations

Collecting Like terms (simplify)

Expanding brackets and simplifying:

Solving linear equations with x on both sides:

Expanding double brackets:


Week 8(9th Oct) – factorise (single) x2. Revise x1