Year 10 Term 2B

Week 22 (Feb 19th) fractional indices and advanced indices x1. Sequences x2

Indices laws for multiplying powers

Fractional Indices

nth term for linear sequence:

nth term for quadratics:

Finding nth term of geometric:

Sequence past paper questions:

Week 23 Feb 26th) Sequences x1. Algebra 2 – factorise and expand quadratics x2

Factorising quadratics:

Week 24 (March 5th ) factorise and expand quadratics. Solve quadratics by factorising

Solving quadratic equations by factorising

Week 25 (March 12th ) Solve quadratics by quadratic formula, completing square

Solving quadratic equations with the formula

Week 26 (March 19th ) Functions – notation, inverse and compound

Function notation:

Composite functions:

Inverse Functions:

Functions past paper questions

Week 26 (March 26th ) Functions and revise
Week 27 (April 2nd) Revision and Test.