Year 10 Term 2A

Week 17 (Jan 8th) statistics – representation of data, bar charts, histograms, pie charts, scatter graphs

Scatter Graphs Introduction:


Interpreting histograms:

Pie Charts

Week 18 (Jan 15th) scatter graphs x1, mean median mode of discrete and continuous

Mean, Median, Mode, Range:

Mean, median, mode from frequency table (ignore the last part on finding the interquartile range):

Finding mean when frequency value is missing:

Mean from continuous data in a table:

Week 19 (Jan 22nd) mean median mode x1, cumulative frequency.

Cumulative Frequency curves:

Week 20 (Jan 29th) Indices (rules of algebra)

Indices laws 1:

Fractional indices:

Week 21 (Feb 5th)

Rearranging equations (make x the subject):