Year 10 Term 3

Week 28 (April 23rd) Linear programming – inequalities and plotting graphs (basic) – more later.

Linear inequalties on a number line:

Double inequalities:

Drawing straight line graphs:

Calculating equations of lines:

More on using y = mx + c:

Exam style questions for y = mx + c:

Week 29 (April 30th) Pythagoras – including 3D case, SOHCAHTOA


Trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA):

Week 30 (May 7th) Sine and cosine rule. (including bearings)

Bearings and triangles:

Sine and Cosine rule:

3D Trigonometry:

Week 31 (May 14th) Sine and cosine rulex1, revise.

Week 32 (May 21nd) EOY Tests
Week 33 (May 28th) EOY Tests
Week 34 (June 4th) Area of triangle x1, area of basic and compound shapes

Area of compound shapes:

Area of triangle using sine:

Week 35 (June 11th)
Week 36 (June 18th) Last week of school – review.