Year 11 Term 2A

Week 1: Speed-time graphs and distance-time graphs (more on distance time)

Distance time graphs:

Speed time graphs:

Week 2: Matrices – basic idea, matrix inverses


Matrices introduction:

Matrix arithmetic:

Matrix multiplication:

Week 3: Matrices – matrix algebra, links with transformations

Inverse matrices:

Transformations with matrices:

Week 4: Vectors – vector algebra


Week 5: Vectors x1, loci and constructions – using a compass for perpendiculars etc. x2

Bisect an angle:

Construct a triangle:

Perpendicular bisector:

Week 6: loci and constructions – sketching loci.

Loci 1

Loci 2

Week 7: Sets and Venn notation, include definitions of real numbers etc. Use for HCF, LCM

Introduction to Venn diagrams:

Venn Diagram Shading with 3 circles:

Venn Diagram Logic:

Sets and Venn, set builder notation, link probability,