Year 10 Term 1A


year10 3

LCM and HCF from Venn Diagrams:

Percentage change:

Reverse percentage:

Mixed percentage questions:

Compound interest:

Simple interest:

Speed distance time:

Significant Figures:

HCF and LCM (including Venn Diagram method):

Algebra 1

year10 4

Introduction to solving inequalities:

Solving quadratic inequalities (could use GDC):

Linear inequalities on a number line:

Solving Simultaneous Equations with elimination 1

Solving Simultaneous Equations with elimination 2

Solving Simultaneous Equations with substitution

Solving simultaneous Equations with graphs

Rearranging equations

Algebraic Fractions 1

Algebraic Fractions with quadratics:


year10 5

Interior and Exterior Angles

Parallel Lines

Angle problems:

Circle Theorems:


year10 6a
year10 6b

Stem and Leaf diagram:

1) Mean, Median, Mode, Range:

2) Mean, median, mode from frequency table:

3) Mean from continuous data in a table:

4) Scatter Graphs Introduction:

5) Cumulative Frequency curves:

6) Histograms: